About Flockhart Fabrics

Flockhart Fabrics was created by the painter and my grandmother Eileen Guthrie, who originally sold her designs at Primavera, the contemporary crafts gallery and shop opened by Henry Rothschild on Sloane Street in the 1930's.

Eileen came from an artistic and musical family; her grandfather was the Scottish architect William Flockhart, and she married the sculptor George Kennethson who she met while they were both students at the Royal Academy Schools in London.

Both artists, pictured here in their studio, found a shared inspiration in nature and in the years after the Second World War often worked together developing their designs. They hand printed their designs from lino blocks and silk screens which we still have in the family today, along with many beautiful original pieces of fabric.

Over the years the fabrics and blocks have been carefully stored and so it is that this beautiful archive of prints has remained largely unseen until now.